Online Times Tables Test
Our NEW online times tables test designed for use on mobile phones, tablets, and other touch-screen devices.
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Information for Parents and Teachers
This interactive quiz tests all the times tables facts from 2× to 12× inclusive. We built up a database
of 1,000,000 answers submitted to our original Online Times Tables Test which we then
cleaned to remove obvious typos etc. We mined this data and calculated the top 8 most
common incorrect answers for each question. For example for 12×11 these are (in descending order):
121 ,120 ,122 ,112 ,131 ,136 ,144 ,123 instead of the correct 132

When a question is asked, the 3 by 3 grid of possible answers is randomly populated with the correct answer
along with the 8 most common incorrect answers. This makes for a multiple choice quiz which
minimises guessing and increases learning.

Please email any comments about this new test to info@times-tables.me.uk.

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