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Multiplication Wheel Worksheet Generator

1. Select the Times Tables to Test with your Multiplication Wheels:
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2. Choose the Type of Multiplication Wheels to Generate:
Multiplication wheel options - times by, divide by, or mixed.
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3. Enter the Number of Multiplication Wheels per Page:
Number of Wheels (1 to 12)

Multiplication wheels (also known as times tables target circles) are an excellent fast alternative to times tables questions of the sort provided by our Printable PDF Times Tables Quiz Generator. With a multiplication wheel, the number in the centre is multiplied by the neighbouring number in the inner ring to make the product in the outer ring. When a number is printed in the inner ring, the child can calculate the value in the outer ring - for example 3 x 4 = 12; and when a number is printed in the outer ring, the child can calculate the value in the inner ring - for example 3 x 4 = 12. Therefore both multiplication and division facts can be practised and extra focus given to any times tables which have been causing particular difficulty.

Make your own PDF multiplication wheel puzzles.

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